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Why Choose Akin Insurance Consulting?


Consulting. It's not just in the name, it's what I do. I make sure to take the time with each and every prospective client, to make sure I match the exact insurance product with their needs. Once a client, you will receive my cell phone number to call with questions or changes. Not a 1-800 number.

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Local. Sometimes you just need to sit down with a real person to go over complicated information associated with life insurance, annuities or Medicare insurance. I am always available to schedule an appointment at your home, my office, or a coffee shop along the way.


Ethical. Like grandma said, "you better leave a place better than you found it!" This is my philosophy, and how I view my clients interests. I am always striving to have put you in a better situation when I walk out the door than when I walked in. Thus, putting your well-being ahead of my financial gains.


Knowledgeable. I am continually reading and learning about my craft; Life, Health and Annuity consulting & sales. I pride myself in the fact that I stop at nothing to know more than others in my industry. If I don't know the answer, you better bet I will find out in short order!


Fighter. I fight tooth and nail for my clients. Whether you got an incorrect bill from a covered service, a doctor is refusing to see you, or a pharmacy will not fill your prescription, I am here for you. If I provide you with a policy, and for any reason the policy does not preform as intended, I will go to bat with whomever needed to make it right!

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